About Us

With over 20 years combined experience in the field of Women's Health Jo Gray and Suzanne Morgan have come together to offer wonderful nurturing experiences for women of all ages. As mothers and grandmothers we are both passionate about Women’s Health and are so looking forward to sharing space with you. With the combined energy of 2 Reiki Masters you can be assured your time with us will be nurturing, supportive, safe, confidential.


I am a holistic therapist specialising in Fertility, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage and Reflexology, and am trained to an advanced level to support you from pre-conception to pregnancy through to your post-natal care. As well as being a holistic therapist I am also trained in clinical massage and my extensive training enables me to help alleviate any pain issues brought on by stress, exercise and just life in general . I have trained with some of the most well respected experts in the field of Women’s Health and I continue to seek out like minded individuals to further my knowledge, currently studying as a Yoga Teacher with the IYN.  I am a Reiki Master and regularly run workshops and attune others to this wonderful healing modality.  I am also a Moon Mother and offer Womb Blessings and Womb Healings to women of all ages. I run Baby Massage and Reflexology classes and give talks to local Midwife run Parentcraft classes. I regularly host womens’ support groups and mentor other women in our community.     I am passionate about my work with women and time spent with me is adapted and tailored to your specific physical and emotional needs, but my aim is always the same – that you leave my care feeling refreshed, relaxed and uplifted.



I am a massage therapist and my healing story began back in 2004 with a long search to mend my own very painful back.  I signed up to a local yoga class.  Yoga was key to teaching me the benefits of working with breath to soften muscle tissue and to focus thoughts, working with single-minded intention to diminish pain.  It also showed me quite clearly how the body has an amazing natural resource to heal itself.  And the further I got into it, the more I began to understand that pain seemed to begin with negative thought patterns, poor nutrition and generally not giving the body enough love and attention.

I began to feel the benefits of my yoga practice almost immediately.  A course of cranio-sacral osteopathy and an introduction to meditation techniques which I still use today both personally and in my massage room, gave me all the tools I needed to allow me to let my pain go.

During this most incredible but quite lengthy healing process, I became naturally curious about how this simple dedication to yogic exercise, meditation and good nutrition could work so effectively.  I explored the benefits of massage and discovered that far from being a simple one-dimensional manipulation of soft tissue - it worked on many levels - recorcver and healing is far more than just physical.  By massaging soft tissue, it is, in my opinion, possible to relax muscles, mind and spirit.

I found the teachers i needed and I started gently by learning Reiki and quickly discovered the benfits of hands on energy.  I signed up for my first accredited Swedish massage course and it hasn’t stopped yet.  I don’t think it ever will.

In order to deepen my practice and to work towards making my treatments the best they can be, I’ve also studied and qualified in:

Sports and deep tissue massage to advanced level, Thai massage with the London School of Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, Ante Natal and Post Natal massage, Baby massage and Baby Yoga, Reflexology, Reiki.  I have completed the first 150 hours training at the Upledger Institute in London for Cranio Sacral Therapy.

The principle that underpins my work is that the body has a fantastic natural mechanism to heal itself.  It wants to be well.  The role of the therapist is simply to provide the space and create the environment in which the healing process can begin.  For me it is all about discovering that reconnection with the energy of the earth and nature.  Our lives are so busy, so hectic, and we struggle to find time for ourselves to relax and to bring ourselves back into the balance that helps us feel at optimum health.

My professional experience includes massage, facilitating women's circles, hosting week-long retreats abroad and at home, one day workshops, drumming circles.  I belong to the appropriate professional organisations that govern the standards of my work. 

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