Allow yourself time, rejuvenate, restore. Time to Breathe. This is a celebration of your experience of Womanhood and the Sacred Spirit of the Divine Feminine.

Women are Mother Nature’s Nurturers.  Our instinct and intuition guides us towards the care of others before ourselves, offering all we have to give in order to ease the journey for our loved ones.  The selflessness of this support network we weave can so often result in tiredness, even exhaustion.  We neglect to consider our own needs, our nuture and our personal growth.

So we’ve created this space.  We offer women the freedom to enter into a safe and harmonious place, to support and nourish the female spirit, rejuvenating, adjusting, replenishing and recovering all that is.  Or at least making a start. Wherever you are on your journey we will gently and softly give you space to breathe, space to just be. 

We offer a range of workshops to suit all needs, from just a few hours to a few days, however long you feel you need or can spare.  We will hold a space for you to transform, to rebalance, to reconnect with your inner power. Women are Sacred Vessels and when you honour yourself and gift yourself this time everyone will benefit. Partners, children, parents, the whole family. Invest in yourself. Gift yourself this time.

A review from 'Nurturing the Mama'...

‘’As soon as I walked into the venue I could feel the amazing energy that Jo and Suzanne had created for us. It was a pleasure to be with likeminded women and share this experience together. It was profound, I feel it helped me physically and emotionally and gave my mind clarity. I would recommend this to other women without a doubt!’’

© Jo Gray & Suzanne Morgan 2017